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As the first city in the world, to experience an atomic bombing Hiroshima city has the duty to appeal peace to the world. To become an ginternational city of Peace and Cultureh has been our most highly regarded aim of city development. We have been offering all our wisdom and efforts in order to realize gHiroshimah, a City of Water, Greenery and Cultureh which can contribute to global peace.

In order to fulfill the slogan mentioned above, the Hiroshima City Cinematographic and Audio-Visual Library opened in May 1982. The purpose of the library is to contribute to the expansion, promotion and progress of audio-visual culture. As the first local government specialty facility of this kind, it collects and stores 35mm movie films and provides 35mm movie film shows. It also collects and stores 16mm films, videotapes, records, cassette tapes, compact discs and digital versatile discs.

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Hiroshima City Cinematographic and Audio-Visual Library
3-1 Moto-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City 730-0011
TEL 082-223-3525@FAX 082-228-0312